How to create a simple Rest API using Express framework, PostgreSQL, and coding with TypeScript

Create a Rest API with Express, PostgreSQL, TypeOrm, and TypeScript.


Please make sure that Node.js (>= 10.13.0) is installed on your operating system and docker.

Init project

We need to create our project, firstly create blog directory.

Later, go to blog directory and init the project.

The last command going to create a package.json file, its…

How to deploy a NestJS Application in Heroku using GitLab CI/CD pipelines


In previous days I wrote a little tutorial explaining how to create a NestJS application Create an API Rest With NestJS and PostgreSQL and now I will explain how to deploy it using GitLab Pipelines.


We need to create an account in Heroku and GitLab.

Please make sure that Node.js

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